Best Car Insurance in Florida

What are the best car insurance companies in Florida? With so many auto insurance companies operating in Florida, finding the best company to get a quote from can be quite challenging, as every customer has unique tastes and wants. While most people want a car insurance policy that provides them with basic coverages such as comprehensive, collision, liability, and medical payments,

Best Car Insurance in Florida

Others require basic coverage as well as additional or extra coverage such as car key replacement, rental reimbursement, gap insurance, and more. For this reason, you need to select an auto insurance company that meets your needs. This article is aimed at discussing the best car insurance companies in Florida.

Research has shown that there are so many uninsured drivers in the state of Florida compared to other states in the United States. With so many uninsured drivers, you certainly need the best car insurance policy in case of an unexpected situation where the driver cannot pay for the damages caused.

Essentially, you must find the best car insurance company in Florida that offers the best coverage. To make your research easier, we’ve successfully compiled the best auto insurance company you can get a quote from. Our selection is based on the following: the coverage offered, affordability, discounts, customer service, compliance, and more.

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Florida

As previously mentioned, this article is aimed at discussing the best cheap insurance companies in Florida. And so, in this section of the article, we will be discussing and outlining the best car insurance companies to make use of for those who reside in Florida.


In Florida, Progressive stands out as one of the best auto insurance companies, and this is due to a large number of reasons. Firstly, the company offers a unique program to enable drivers to save money on their car insurance.

This program is known as Your Price Tool, and it helps you share your budget and also tells you what policies are suitable for it. Also, it offers a snapshot program, which allows you to track your driving habits. In addition, they offer accident forgiveness as well as great discounts.

Some of these discounts include multi-policy, multi-car, teen driver, good student, online quotes, and more. Meanwhile, their coverage options include gap coverage, rental car reimbursement, custom parts and equipment value, ride-hailing coverage, and roadside assistance.

In terms of finance, Progressive has an A+ rating, a good customer base, and good claim stratifications. Finally, in Florida, you can get a car insurance policy for an average rate of $3,228.


One of the cheapest and most affordable car insurance companies in Florida that offers premium services is Geico. It is ranked the second-best company in Florida as a result of its customer and claim satisfaction, coverage, affordability, and more.

The reason why Geico offers an affordable policy is due to its attractive perks and bonuses, which allow you to save up to 20% to 25%.

Their discount includes bundling, good drivers, good students, driver education, federal employees, multi-vehicles, customer loyalty, and many more.

Aside from the basic or standard coverage, you can purchase the following as additional coverage: roadside assistance, ride-sharing, mechanical breakdown, personal injury protection, collector vehicles, etc. Geico also has an A+ rating with excellent customer service and claims satisfaction. You can purchase a quote from Geico for an average rate of $159 in Florida.


Allstate is another of the best car insurance companies in Florida, offering a wide range of services. It currently ranks as the best company in Florida in terms of customer satisfaction, based on J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. car insurance satisfaction study. In addition, the company offers lower-risk drivers an average price of $1485 for minimum coverage. And you can get full coverage for $2359; higher-risk drivers, on the other hand, could pay between $3452 and $4884.

Aside from the basic coverage, you can get the following additional coverage: accident forgiveness, sound system insurance, roadside coverage, rental reimbursement, car insurance for travel to Mexico, and more.

You can also save on your car insurance through their available discounts. Some of these discounts include new cars, vehicle safety equipment, paperless billing, the Drivewise monitoring app, etc. Lastly, Allstate has an A+ rating with excellent claim satisfaction.

State Farm

State Farm offers one of the best car insurance policies in Florida. Just like Allstate, it was featured in J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Car Insurance Satisfaction Study for Florida.

Research shows that it ranked below the regional average for overall customer satisfaction in the state. Customers with low risk can pay between $276 and $564, depending on the coverage limits. On the other hand, high-risk drivers can expect to pay an average of $2527 and $3196 for maximum coverage.

Unlike other companies, this one offers a low premium for both high- and low-risk drivers in the state. You can get basic coverage as well as additional coverage, including for teen drivers, rentals, classic and antique vehicles, car rental reimbursement, etc.

Also, you can save on your auto insurance by taking advantage of their discount. Some of the available discounts are: Drive Safe and Save App; free auto insurance tools; good student; accident-free; etc.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual also offers appealing auto insurance coverage. You can get standard coverage as well as extra coverage, depending on your needs. Low-risk drivers in Florida are expected to pay an average rate of $431 for minimum coverage and $1075 for maximum coverage.

On the other hand, high-risk drivers get to pay between $3251 and $4987. To enable customers to choose the right coverage limits and premiums, you can make use of their simple and easy coverage calculator via their official website.

Liberty Mutual’s additional coverage includes medical payment, gap coverage, roadside assistance, original parts replacement, new car replacement, lifetime repair guarantee, better car replacement, and more.

Their discounts include online purchases, bundling policies, early shoppers, student discounts, military, safety features, safe driving, paperless policy discounts, etc.

How to Shop for a Cheap Car Insurance Policy in Florida

To enable you to save on your car insurance, we’ve compiled the best ways to shop for affordable policies in the state. Check out the outline below:

Compare Quote

Before purchasing or selecting a company to get a policy from, make sure to compare quotes to find the best and most affordable car insurance company. You can make use of the car insurance calculator to compare quotes. This is an important step you must take when shopping for a car insurance policy. This is because it will help you search for discounts and also vary prices among insurers.

Boost your deductible

Another step to take is to increase your deductible, which is the money you pay out of your pocket before your insurer covers a percentage of your claim. Based on research, the average deductible is expected to cost $500 to $1000, but you can find some coverage options that don’t require a deductible.

Nonetheless, paying a higher deductible can mean taking on more financial responsibility for a claim. However, if you pay a lower deductible, your premium will be higher. As a result, choose a high deductible and make sure it is one you can comfortably afford.

Avoid purchasing extra coverage for older vehicles

If you have a new vehicle, you might consider getting extra coverage. You can, however, obtain basic coverage for an older vehicle. Don’t spend too much on coverage for an old vehicle; it is worth it.

Improve your credit score

In recent times, many insurance companies have used credit information to determine how much your car insurance premiums will be. People with poor or bad credit cards are more likely to get a higher premium compared to those with a higher credit score.

Therefore, check your credit score before shopping for a car insurance quote. If you have a poor credit score, work hard to increase it by paying your bills on time.

Bundle and save

You can also save on your car insurance by bundling your policy with other insurance, such as your home insurance. Many insurance companies now allow customers to save money by bundling their home and auto insurance. However, make sure to shop around for cheap bundles, as many insurance packages may not always be the cheapest option.

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