Best College Grants For Women

What are the best college grants for women? Scholarships have helped many women pursue education in different fields. More women are now going to college, but a common problem is dealing with student loans.

Best College Grants For Women

However, the good news is that there are grants and awards specifically for women. These funds can cover tuition costs.

Scholarships don’t need to be paid back, making them a great way to reduce college expenses. By applying for grants and awards, women can cut down on the money they need for education and avoid taking on too many student loans.

In this blog post, we’ll share a list of some excellent college grants for women to make it easier for you to find them.

10 Best College Grants for Women

Unlike traditional student loans, college grants are a type of aid that is awarded to eligible candidates.

There are several types of college grants for women, and you might be eligible depending on your income, professional interests, and background. Below are 10 of the best college grants for women:

Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship

This grant was awarded by the American Statistical Association, and it was created to motivate women to pursue career-oriented professions.

This grant is awarded to women who are pursuing a PhD or Master’s program in statistics. Women in all stages of their training are inspired to apply.

However, only one woman in an advanced stage and another in an earlier stage of her studies will be able to receive the award every year. And it is also worth about $1,000 and a certificate.

Jeanette Rankin’s Women’s Scholarship Fund

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to women from the age of 35 and above. If you want to be eligible, you need to show financial need, be pursuing a degree at a regionally accredited school, and be a citizen of the United States.

You must also be enrolled in a not-for-profit institution. The selection is according to your goals and plans for how you will use what you have learned to contribute positively to your community. This grant is worth about $2,000

Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics

With artificial intelligence increasing rapidly, it is only evident that studying robotics in college is an ideal career. This is why the Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics honors the late Pransky, who supported women in robotics.

This scholarship offers at least $1,000 to three winners. If you are in high school or an undergraduate who is interested in studying robotics, then you can apply for this scholarship.

Writing a short science fiction story about the problems or opportunities of using robotics is the only entry requirement.

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program was established for women who are survivors of domestic abuse and for women who are pursuing higher education to become financially independent without relying on anyone.

The candidate must show strong financial need and be separated from their partner for at least 12 months. They must also have a non-profit agency that serves as a sponsor.

The preference is given to single mothers with little children, students in vocational programs, and students who are taking their first undergraduate degree.

However, the grant amount ranges from $1,000 to $6,000 per academic year.

Judy Wendland, Young College Scholarship

This fund provides scholarships to women who are 35 and older and who demonstrate financial need. The candidate must be admitted to an accredited university in the United States.

This scholarship was created for women who are either in their first year or starting their first year of college. It was also established for women who haven’t attended college. And the amount for this ranges from $1,000 to $16,000.

P.E.O. Program For Continuing Education

This grant offers financial assistance to women who are returning to college to complete their education to support themselves and their families. The program of study should be related to gaining or uplifting career-related skills.

This award might be applied to education-related expenses, which include books, tuition, graduation fees, supplies, testing fees, and many more. Women in the United States and Canada are qualified to apply. It is worth about $3,000.

Illustrating Awesomeness Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all women and people who want to change the world. To be eligible, you must be a current college student, or you must be starting higher education in the spring semester following the deadline for the application.

The applicant must also have at least a 3.0 GPA. Also, it is worth about $750.

Association Of Women Contractors Scholarship

The Association of Women Contractors Scholarship provides an apprentice scholarship along with an academic scholarship.

This Apprentice Scholarship is designed for females who are working as registered apprentices or who are graduating from their trade or training program.

To be eligible, you must also be a resident of Minnesota. This academic scholarship is especially for women who are enrolled in a construction-related field of study.

AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships

The American Association of University Women provides various fellowship and grant opportunities. its chosen professions Fellowships especially tend to encourage women to pursue a master’s program in computer science, mathematics, architecture, and engineering.

Fellowships for an MBA, doctorate in medicine, or law degree are also available to women of color. The applicants will be chosen based on different criteria, which include financial need, academic excellence, and a commitment to education and equity for all women.

This grant is worth about $20,000.

Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship

The Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship aims to motivate women in STEM fields. The candidates might be pursuing any field of study as long as they aim to enter a career that makes use of technology to enhance the world.

However, the application states that students in STEM might get a favor. And it is worth about $500.

In conclusion, the list above is only a small selection of the best college grants for women. College grants are an ideal way to lower your student loan debt. There are tons of grants available for women, and most of them are designed for women in specific career paths.