Best Free Video Editors

What are the best free video editors accessible to everyone? Video editing platforms provide you with several online tools to enhance and polish your videos before sharing them with your audience.

Best Free Video Editors

If you are a content creator online, then it is likely that you understand just how important a clean-looking and professional video is.

Even as a business owner promoting a business online, you must understand that videos are a phenomenal way to grab the attention of potential customers and people in general.

What’s more, these videos are also an essential trait for boosting engagements and increasing conversion rates.

Furthermore, the best way to create and edit videos to a better form is by making use of the best video editing platforms available.

If you are interested in knowing what the best free video editing platforms are, this article is your sure bet for getting all the information you need.

9 Best Free Video Editors

Every videographer or content creator has various styles and ways they record and edit their videos. The best free editors that make up this list are well-equipped with all the best features and more that give you what you want and more. Here are the best free video editors you can check out:


This is one of the best and most powerful video editing software programs that comes with high-grade features. It has a unique interface that is both simple and easy to use at any time. Also, it works with Linux, and they have a full collection of stock videos and music clips that can aid in your editing.

What’s more, they come with great features like allowing you to share your projects with your team in real-time, the ability to sync clips from multiple cameras and edit, a trim function to help you with precise video editing, and many more.

Additionally, it is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and it comes without a watermark.


If you are a beginner looking for a perfect video editor that can help you learn easily, then the VideoPad is one editor platform you must try out. The VideoPad software helps you edit your videos to very good quality at no cost.

There are so many great features, along with an easy interface to know your way around. Some of its top-notch features include a 3D  video editing feature; a double-screen view; lots of video optimization tools; preset export settings for YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and other platforms; customizable transitions and visual effects; and many more.

Furthermore, it will be easy for you to edit your content videos with simple transitions, overlays, special effects, and so on. Also, VideoPad is available for iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and so on, and your videos come without any watermark.


Another one of the best free video editing platforms to use is HitFilm. For so many reasons, HitFilm is one of the best free video editor options anyone should consider.

If you are a beginner, this is also an active editing platform that can help you tremendously. HitFilm also helps creators edit their videos to a professional level and even in Hollywood style.

Aside from being a free option, your edited videos all come without any watermarks. Also, it comes with animation tools and has cool 3D effects for YouTube videos, music videos, or films.

Additionally, it has more features like a smart copy and paste feature, an auto stabilizer to relax shaky footage, a trimmer to re-trim your clips once you add them to the timeline, an audio mixer to help fine-tune your sound output, and many more.

VSDC Free Video Editor

Another free video editor where you can edit and export your videos without any watermarks is the VSDC video editor. From its title, you can tell that it is also a free option that comes with many high-level features.

In general, VDSC Editor also has a paid version, and the free version doesn’t have all the full features. Still, here are some of the best features you can use to edit your videos on the VDSC platform: color correction, HEVC/H.265, quality masking tools for blurring, highlighting, and hiding, a large library of transitional effects, 3D diagram templates, green screen video effects, and many more. It is also available for Windows.


Another editing software that is highly compatible with Windows is the ClipChamp editor. This is a software program that even comes preinstalled on Windows 11 and has some of the best video editing features that save you time while editing videos.

What’s more, the Clipchamp software allows you to edit videos that are screen recorded and even upload video files. Some of its best features include the drag-and-drop editing tool, AI editing features, a royalty-free music library, unlimited 1080p exports, designed templates that are ready-made, auto-captions, batch editing, and so many more. Also, you can easily export your videos in high quality without any watermark.


If you are a Mac user, then the iMovie editor is the perfect video editing platform that you can make use of. The iMovie software comes with an easy interface and a drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to move videos from your drive directly to your timeline.

Also, if you work a lot with editing YouTube videos, this is an editing platform that helps you get faster and better results. Even better, your files are being saved to your Apple Cloud, so this means that you can easily work on your projects directly from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Many of the iMovie’s features include voice-over recording, cloud storage, 4K resolution, a built-in music and sound effects library, credit animations, speed controls for action scenes, and so many more.


The Shotcut video editor earns its spot on this list due to its exceptional features and robust editing capabilities. Serving as a dependable cross-platform video editor, Shotcut is dedicated to enhancing users’ video editing experiences.

One standout feature is its extensive tutorial library, catering to newcomers and easing them into the software. Moreover, Shotcut supports a wide range of formats, including ProRes, FFmeg, 4K, and DNxHD, accompanied by an intuitive interface.

The software boasts additional features such as audio tools for bass and treble adjustments, native timeline editing, AV1 decoding, and encoding support, direct video file imports from the project file rather than a media library, and more.

Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, Shotcut enables users to perform comprehensive video editing tasks without any cost, and it allows watermark-free exports.

DaVinci Resolve

Another great free video editor that you must try out is the DaVinci Resolve platform. This is the best video editor for video editors who are on an advanced level.

While it also has a paid version, DaVinci Resolve can be used in the free version as well. Also, it works really well with video editing, audio editing, and input. This is one particular reason why advanced video editors are so keen on using the editing platform.

The free video editor also comes with many features, like visual effects, audio post-production tools, dynamic zoom, picture-in-picture, facial recognition, a trimming interface, auto-editing to sync audio and video, and so many more.

Additionally, users can make use of the DaVinci Resolve software either offline or online, and you can easily export your videos in high quality. It is also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and your videos come without any watermarks.


The KineMaster software application is a free mobile video editor that can be used effectively. It is one of the best free video editors that you can use with ease on mobile devices.

And it is both free and superbly powerful for shooting, editing, and uploading your footage. Note that I mentioned that you can use this editing app to shoot the video you want to edit.

Furthermore, the app comes with many advanced features that help with high-quality videos.

Most of their top features include cutting, splicing, and combining videos with ease; color filters; over 2000 downloadable effects and transitions; project backup; editing and exporting 4K videos at 60 FPS; blending options to create artistic video effects; and so many more.

Also, it is available for iOS, Chromebooks, and Android devices. But does it come with watermarks? Yes, it does.

In conclusion

Whether you are a professional videographer, a video editor, or a simple creator who wants to edit their own videos, these are the best free video editors that you can try out with ease.

Many of these editors also have paid versions, but they are available in the free version as well. Also, DaVinci Resolve works really well with video editing, audio editing, and input. This is one particular reason why advanced video editors

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