Best Clickbank Alternatives

Clickbank Alternatives – The world of affiliate marketing has experienced immense growth to the point that it is even predicted to grow further to $15.7 billion in the next 2 years.

Affiliate marketing has prominently grown to become a business model that has earned lots of owners up to 6 figures as a monthly payout.

10 Best Clickbank Alternatives

However, Clickbank is largely recognized as one of the largest and best affiliate programs that we have online. The reason for this is that they have a wide variety of products as well as top-notch payout rates. A large majority of these affiliates have been reported to earn up to 75% per month and these are high figures.

Furthermore, while Clickbank is popular in all regards, many Clickbank alternatives can help scale your affiliate marketing business to the next level. These Clickbank alternatives are also recommended as they provide many more options, more opportunities, and more earnings.

Best Clickbank Alternatives To Try Out

This section introduces to you more opportunities and Clickbank alternatives that could maximize your online business. However, you should keep in mind that all these alternative options have their own differences and product varieties.

Here are some of the best Clickbank alternatives that you must try out:


A global affiliate marketing program that you should consider is the JVZoo affiliate network. This is a large platform that has over eight hundred thousand active affiliates.

As a strong competitor with Clickbank, JVZoo has a lot of its main focus on offering digital products as well as similar products you may find on Clickbank as well.

What’s more, they have a user-friendly interface, and their method of navigation isn’t difficult for beginners. You’d make a lot of money promoting digital products on the JVZoo platform, and they also have a quick payout time.

CJ Affiliate Network

One of the oldest affiliate marketing platforms to reign on the digital web is the CJ affiliate marketing platform. It is a recognizable site, and they have thousands of international users who make their earnings from this platform.

Still going strong to date, CJ has a very large program where they offer retail, products, and software to their members. Also, they have very high commissions and work with exclusive brands like Barnes & Noble, Apple, Verizon, Lowes, and so on.

Using the platform, you don’t have to worry about slow payout times and rates. And this is because they are both quick and efficient.

While it has a small size, is a worthy Clickbank alternative as it has a lot to offer affiliate marketers all around the world.

They are very versed in their strict methods of approval and more. offers quality promotional products and cool commissions for every sale.

The products offered by include gym equipment, musical instruments, furniture, home appliances, and the like. While rare to see on many affiliate platforms, these products do ensure that you get high commissions on every sale.

Furthermore, they have a minimum payout of $100 as well as various payment methods.

Amazon Associates Program

Another amazing feature that Amazon also offers to individuals globally is the need for affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can easily join one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world and start earning big rewards.

Here, all the commissions you earn are immediately paid once there’s a sale. Even more, the Amazon Associates affiliate program is one of the best choices for beginners and makes for a nice Clickbank alternative.

Furthermore, there is a huge and wide variety of products that you can affiliate with, as many of the items are listed on Amazon, mostly physical. They also have a quick and efficient payout rate and payout methods.

GlobalWide Media

Formerly known as NeverBlue, the rebranded GlobalWide Media Company is a top listing affiliate platform where you can make earnings as an affiliate marketer.

It has worked with top brands like MindSpark,, etc., and is well known for offering high-end deals. What’s more, the type of affiliate services they offer includes digital and physical products.

With a minimum payout of $100, they also offer many payment methods, and they are a great affiliate choice to work with.

eBay Partner Network

Another great Clickbank alternative is the eBay Partner Network, which is also a global affiliate marketing platform. Having a large affiliate network that focuses mainly on retail, this is a platform that has high traffic requirements as well as excellent commissions.

Moreover, the eBay Partner Network pays for the traffic that brings in results. They also have their payment methods, which include check or ACH (direct deposit).

eBay is an excellent choice for those interested in selling physical goods for CPC commissions.


If you are looking for a network where you can promote CPA-related products, then PeerFly is the right place for you to be. Once you sign up to be an affiliate on this platform, you immediately get access to promote many products. Products ranging from eCommerce, fashion, health, B2B offers, and so on.

What’s more, this platform has tons of positive reviews, and it comes with many features to help beginners as well.

This is a well-recommended platform that you can use as a Clickbank alternative. As an affiliate marketer, you can easily promote both digital and physical products, and there are various payment methods.


This is another well-recommended affiliate platform where you can also thrive as an affiliate marketer. With over 600 publishers, this platform has thousands of active affiliates influenced to promote products from big brands.

Firstly, signing up as an affiliate marketer on this site is stress-free and easily approved within a short time. Furthermore, you could promote products ranging from home to automotive to gardens, and you will be advertising for big brands.

Also, they have an excellent payout time as well as efficient payment methods.


A great affiliate platform that also serves as a great alternative to Clickbank is the ShareASale platform. This is a global site that also offers affiliate offers to its thousands of active members to promote.

As a marketer, you could be promoting big brands and products, as well as other websites. What’s more, they also have a very high reward commission and reliable payment methods. With other features like a friendly user interface, this is also a good


With thousands of products available for you to promote as a marketer, Rakuten is one of the best Clickbank alternatives out there. This is one of the best and longest-reigning sites where you can work to earn a big commission on your sales.

Moreover, the Rakuten site also offers their affiliates more information on clicks, conversions, and earnings using the dashboard.

These are some of the best Clickbank alternatives that you can get started with if you are looking for a choice. Also, you could get started with them if you are simply looking for a way to broaden your opportunities.

What’s more, every single site listed is 100 percent legit and offers the best product offers as well as features to every affiliate marketer.

Note that, the commission earned from promoting products varies depending on the program and the products being promoted.