Chinese New Year 2023 – What is the Lunar pet for 2023?

The Chinese new year 2023 is coming closer. Furthermore, it is also known as the Lunar New Year. This festival is also one of the most important festivals that is celebrated in China. Moreover, some other east Asian countries also celebrate and observe this festival. What’s more, the Chinese New Year 2023 is normally observed at the beginning of a new year with the use of the Chinese lunisolar calendar. So, during this festival, they traditionally honor their ancestors and deities as well.

Chinese New Year 2023 - What is the Lunar pet for 2023?

But apart from all of that, it is also the time for you to visit and have a feast with your friends and family members. In addition, the Chinese New Year is also soaked and bathed in myths and legends. So, if you are interested in learning more about this festival and the best things to do during the Chinese new year 2023, keep reading this article because you are going to love it.

When Is Chinese New Year 2023?

The Chinese New Year 2023 will be celebrated and observed on January 22nd, 2023 which is on a Sunday. Furthermore, the date for this festival is set using the Chinese lunar calendar. What’s more, the date of this festival also alters every year.

How Is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

The Chinese new year is often celebrated and observed with the color red, lots of food, and lastly, respecting ancestors.

Below are some of the traditions that are observed on this day:

  • Watching dragon and lion dances.
  • Distributing red envelopes and gifts.
  • Fireworks and firecrackers.
  • Giving sacrifices to deities and ancestors.

And having a reunion dinner with your family on New year’s eve.

What Is The Chinese New Year 2023 Animal?

During the Chinese new year every year, these years are always associated with a zodiac sign which is according to the Chinese zodiac cycle. So, the 2023 Chinese zodiac animal is a Rabbit. In other words, it is the year of the Water Rabbit to be precise. Equally important, the year of the rabbit is a sign of prosperity, longevity, and peace according to Chinese culture.

Here is a table showing you the years and the zodiac animal from 2021 to 2032:

YearAnimal SignDate of the Chinese New Year
2021OxFebruary 12
2022TigerFebruary 1
2023RabbitJanuary 22
2024DragonFebruary 10
2025SnakeJanuary 29
2026HorseFebruary 17
2027GoatFebruary 6
2028MonkeyJanuary 26
2029RoosterFebruary 13
2030DogFebruary 3
2031PigJanuary 23
2032RatFebruary 11

Chinese New Year Food

During this festival, there will be a lot of feasting and eating. However, there are some food that is considered perfect for the occasion. What’s more, this feast is very important to the Chinese. So, here is the food they eat during the celebration of this festival:

  • Dumplings.
  • Spring rolls.
  • Steamed Fish.
  • Noodles.
  • Steamed Chicken.
  • Vegetable Dishes.
  • Rice cake ( Nian Gao).
  • Hot Pot.

Now, you can prepare these delicacies during the Chinese New Year 2023 and enjoy eating with your friends and families.

How Long Is Chinese New Year 2023?

The Chinese new year 2023 will last for 7 days. Therefore, all Chinese people will observe 7 days off their work starting from January 21st to January 27th.

Why Is Chinese New Year Different?

The reason why the Chinese new year is different is quite clear. So, this is because it is a lunar holiday and it is usually celebrated when there is a new moon. In other words, it is very different from the Gregorian calendar.

Chinese New Year Taboos

Whenever Chinese people and other east Asian countries observe or celebrate the Chinese new year, there are some things that you must not do because they are considered taboo. Below are some of the things you must not do during or before the festival:

  • Do not sweep or clean.
  • Do not visit your wife’s family if you are getting married.
  • You should not say negative words.
  • Do not take medicine.
  • Do not give certain gifts.
  • Avoid giving new year blessings to someone who is still in bed.
  • Do not go to the Doctor.
  • Do not cry and fight.
  • Avoid asking for debt repayment.
  • Do not make use of knives, scissors, and other forms of sharp objects.
  • Avoid breaking glass and ceramics.
  • Avoid getting shots.
  • Do not undergo surgery.

For more detailed information concerning why you should not do these things, you can make more research online.

What Should I Wear During The Chinese New Year?

If you are still not sure of what to wear on the Chinese New Year 2023, I can help you with that. Moreso, these clothing are highly accepted and perfect for this festival. So, some of the things you can wear are:

  • Cheongsam.
  • Shoes.
  • Qipao.
  • Tang.
  • Hanfu.

And lastly, you can wear Accessories during this festival. Plus, both men and women can make use of and wear accessories during the Chinese New Year 2023. Take note that whenever you are shopping for clothes for this festival, make sure that you go for Red. Moreover, make sure you stay away from the color White and Black as they are considered unlucky.

Chinese New Year 2023 Gifts

Here are some gift ideas that you can check out if you are looking to gift your friends or family during this festival. Moreover, these gifts are not taboo and are acceptable in Chinese culture:

  • Tobacco.
  • Fruit baskets.
  • Food Combos.
  • Home Supplies.
  • Hampers.
  • Tea packets.
  • Alcohol.

Why Is This Festival Celebrated?

The reason for the celebration of this festival will take you back to the time when Nian who is an ancient beast shows up each lunar new year’s eve and eat livestock and people as well. So, to scare this monster away, people begin to show burned bamboo, and red paper, light up candles, and even wore red clothes.

The purpose of this is to ward off the monster. So, this tradition is performed every year by the people. Secondly, the reason why this festival is observed is to celebrate the beginning of a new year on the Chinese lunisolar calendar and the arrival of spring as well.

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