Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram – Do you know that with your Instagram account, you can make money? Yes! Aside from posting pictures and having fun with your Instagram account, you can also make the most of your account by using it to earn money.

Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

However, there are several ways you can earn using your IG account, from being a brand influencer to publishing sponsored posts and more.

You might actually be wondering if making money on IG has to do with your followers. But I can guarantee you that you don’t need millions of followers to turn your IG account into your source of income. As with just a few thousand followers, you would get several earning options.

All you just need to do is figure out the method that works for you depending on your Instagram content, level of commitment, target audience, and others. Without further ado, let’s some easy ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

8 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

You can explore different ideas to maximize your potential earnings on Instagram. To determine which method works best for you, the list below includes some of the ways you can make money on Instagram. You can check them out and determine which one works best for you.

Publish Sponsored Posts

Famous celebrities with a large fanbase help big brands perform sponsored posts for them. You don’t need to have a large following like these celebrities to take part in paid sponsored posts for top corporations.

All you need is a reasonable amount of followers, preferably 4,000 or more, and you could be generating money on Instagram.


Badges exist on Instagram Live as a means for your community and audience to support you as you make money from content that you have previously created. Instagram badge regulations are the same as those on Live.

So your followers can buy badges during your live video.

License Pictures and Videos

One interesting way to make money on Instagram is to license your pictures and videos to specific brands. You can also reach out to other brands you think will like your pictures and videos.

If a brand decides that they want to use your videos and pictures, then they will have to pay you a fee to be able to use them.

Sell Products

If your product is marketable, either physical or digital, and you want to make money through Instagram in Nigeria. Then you might want to sell those products on Instagram.

You can set up an online store on Instagram by creating an Instagram business account. Through this store, you can create a product catalog and link it to your WhatsApp.

As soon as your Instagram store and product catalog are all set up, you can start promoting your products and making all your content buyable.

You can do this by tagging your products on the Instagram Surface and arranging your products in separate collections.

Promote Affiliate Products

This one is perfect for everyone to participate in. This is a method of promoting a company’s goods. However, you can also generate money on Instagram by just advertising company items and then getting commissions for any purchases made.

It is as simple as just posting pictures of the related items to advertise and directing them to the link. You can also use a site such as bit.ly to reduce the URL.

Brand Partnerships

This is the perfect way to make money through Instagram for influencers and content creators. You can also find and work with brands that align with your interests and boost their products and services. But you can’t promote drugs and weapons.

For brand partnership, the creator will work with the brand when they are making the content. Instagram has a list of cases to determine what qualifies as sponsored partnerships.


If you have extended knowledge about a certain field, you can make it interesting, and be able to create an audience for it on Instagram.

Then you can use this to help people in that particular field develop their audience on Instagram for a fee. If you are a content creator, then this is a great way to make money.


IGTV ads are also another interesting way to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. This is a strong way to connect with your audience online.

Through IGTV ads, content creators have been able to make money from the content they publish, with brands promoting themselves in the videos they publish.

However, IGTV ad earnings will depend on the number of views a video gets. These views are known as monetizable plays. Almost 55% of the ad income generated for every view will go to the creators to be paid monthly.

If you want to start making money with IGTV ads, then you have to turn on the advertising option on your account.

There are different ways you can use your Instagram account to start making money. You can try any of the methods above and start earning with your IG account while engaging your followers.

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