How To Make Money On Twitch

If you are looking for a way to make money on Twitch, this article is for you. This article aimed to explore the various ways to successfully make money Twitch.In the meantime, Twitch is an online live-streaming platform that allows viewers to stream and watch their favorite content from their favorite creators. Moreover, you can play games and other forms of entertainment on the platform. So, as viewers check out your livestream, you earn money.

How To Make Money On Twitch

Accordingly, as your livestream gains more audience and viewers, the more money you earn from using the Twitch platform. Currently, many Twitch streamers are making thousands of dollars every month from their channel through monetization. Now, if you are interested in making money on the platform, keep reading.

How Much Money Can I Make on Twitch?

There is no exact amount of money one can make on Twitch. It all depends on the type of means you use. But if you are interested in finding out the average amount every month at different viewership levels, here it is:

5–10 average viewers per stream$50 to $200
20 average viewers per stream$200-$400
50 average viewers per stream$500-$750
100 average viewers per stream$1,000-$1,500
1,000 average viewers per stream$5,000
5,000 average viewers per stream$13,000
10,000 average viewers per stream$30,000
50,000+ average viewers per stream$100,000-$200,000+

How To Make money on Twitch

There are different ways that you can earn money or revenue on Twitch. You do not have to worry because all these means are legit and productive. So, as you venture deeper into this section, you will be learning about some of the best ways that you can make money on Twitch. Now, let us begin:

Ad Revenue

One of the best ways to make money on Twitch Furthermore, if you are an affiliate or partner on the platform, you can monetize ads. Moreover, this platform displays ads that last for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. So, the more people see these ads, the more money you make. However, the monetization strategy of this platform is more effective when you have high viewership. Therefore, you will get income from the number of impressions on every ad displayed on Twitch.


Subscriptions, also known as subs, allow the fans of users to support them consistently, and they will get unshared perks. For instance, you get to enjoy subscriber badges, ad-free viewing, and custom emotes. What’s more, the monthly subscriptions range from $5 to $25, and most streamers on Twitch are the ones who take half of this.


This is a great way to make money on the Twitch platform. Besides, you can even earn money through this means without having to be a Twitch partner or affiliate. To be able to do this, you will have to add a PayPal donation button to your channel’s subscription. You can also make use of a third-party app like Streamlabs. Plus, adding a PayPal donation button will be a good way to make more money. So, when people donate, you get 100% of their donations.

Twitch Bits

On the other hand, if you are a Twitch affiliate or partner, you can make money through Twitch Bits. So, virtual currency viewers use this means to cheer on and support their favorite streamers. Nevertheless, when they buy and send bits, the streamer takes 1¢ on every bit. As a streamer, you can turn on the notification to give a shout-out to the viewer who donated the bits.

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Brand deals and sponsorships are another great way to make money on Twitch. Moreover, if you have a large audience, companies will want to give you free products or pay you to market and advertise their products to your viewers. So, if you are curious, most of the top affiliate and sponsorship opportunities come from software, energy drink companies, computers, gaming chairs, controllers, and hardware.

Merchandise Sales

If you do not have a large audience base, you can still make money on Twitch through these means. Unlike brand deals and sponsorships, if you have a small and loyal fan base, you can earn money through merchandise sales. So, what you have to do is open an online store to sell and promote merchandise on your channel. Some of the popular products are hoodies, backpacks, stickers, hats, tote bags, and many more.

Why use Twitch?

This platform does not only allow users to make money; there are other things that you can do when you sign up for the platform. For instance, with Twitch, you can earn money from publishing books, selling merchandise, and even giving reviews or recommendations on a product.

Along with that, you can also make money from influence partnerships, creator fund payouts, rewards referral programs, brand sponsorships, and merchandise sales on TikTok. Lastly, you can make money on YouTube through channel memberships, fan support, advertising revenue, and subscription fees.

Besides, apart from YouTube, this platform is considered the home of livestreaming. Not only video content but gaming as well, which is broadcast in real time on the internet. This is what makes Twitch different from YouTube.

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