Highest Paying Tech Companies in Nigeria

What are the highest paying tech companies in Nigeria? Anyone with professional tech skills and sound wisdom can apply to any of these tech companies and get a chance to earn great figures depending on their skills and experience.

Highest Paying Tech Companies in Nigeria

Furthermore, one of the processes of launching your dream IT career is finding out where the best or highest paying companies are in Nigeria.

It is a goal to earn a really good morning while you are working a job that you love, and they are good companies like that available in Nigeria.

The Highest Paying Tech Company In Nigeria

If you are wondering just what kind of salary structure you could earn at these IT companies, a list of excellent companies could give you an idea.

It also helps to know just what tech companies are in Nigeria that pay well.  Here are some of the highest paying tech companies in Nigeria:


Everyone knows of one of the tech giant network providers in Nigeria, MTN. This is pretty much because of the fact that about 95 percent of Nigerians use their services.

Launched in the year 2001, this GSM network provider also provides internet and calling Services excellently in Nigeria.

Apart from the final consumers using their services, MTN is actually one of the highest paying Companies here in Nigeria. With a good salary structure, even the entry-level staffs earn a pretty hefty sum.

Ericsson Nigeria

The Ericsson Nigeria company is actually a Swedish Multinational IT global giant in Nigeria. This IT Company professes tasks that cross across many other countries.

Some of the functions of the Ericsson Company include telecommunication, Mobile, Software, business support, cable TV, video systems, and many more.

They mostly deal with clients from the telecom Sector and Engineering industry. In addition, they also have a full and great salary structure with a fresh graduate earning about #450,000 and the senior level earners earning close to a million.

Google Nigeria

One of the most popular IT companies we have in the global world is Google.  This company is one of the best platforms that offer bloggers the ability to earn their money.

In addition to this, Google is literally the current leading and reliable search engine we have on the web. If you know that you have excellent IT skills and you are a professional, then working at Google is one of the best choices to make.

Working with Google Nigeria means that you can earn a pretty impressive salary. A fresh intake alone can earn around 750,000 nairas per month alone. This also includes excellent welfare staff benefits, as well. They can be located at Ikoyi, Lagos.

Oracle Nigeria

Oracle Nigeria is an American global computer technology corporation that is headquartered in Redwood City, California. This is a Company that specializes in the development and marketing of database software and technology.

In addition, they also deal with cloud engineering systems, enterprise software products, and more. In fact, Oracle was the second largest software make by revenue after Microsoft.

Furthermore, Oracle Nigeria is also one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria, and they also high full-time staff as well as interns. An intern could potentially earn about 200,000 thousand naira as a monthly salary and a full-time staff could earn more.

IBM Nigeria

IBM is also known as the International Business Machine and this is a prominent industry in the field of hardware and software development.

This company is actually an American-based multinational company that deals with the manufacturing of computer middleware, software, and hardware.

In addition to this, IBM Nigeria is another one of the highest paying tech companies here in Nigeria. A starter can be about 500,000 to more.

A full-time staff could potentially earn about millions per month. The IBM head office is located at Karimu Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


The Huawei technology company is one of the tech giants we have right here in Nigeria. Originally started in China, this technology giant has since grown and expanded its reach to over 170 countries globally.

Moreover, Huawei still currently employs more than 180,000 people from around the world to come to work with them. They are also in collaboration with Ecosystem partners to empower many more people and create great value for their customers.

Moreover, you could earn a great deal of salary when you choose to work with Huawei. They have a good salary structure for every employee under their care. An intern or full-time staff could earn from 100,000 to millions per month.

Interswitch Limited

Interswitch Limited specializes in producing the popular verve debit card popularly used in Nigeria. They are both the owners and producers of this debit card.

Furthermore, the Interswitch technology uses the best infrastructure to merge different banks together and they also provide the technology that runs the ATMs.

Nevertheless, Interswitch Limited is also one of the biggest and best-paying tech companies here in Nigeria. They have an excellent salary structure for their staff.

The average monthly salary could be 150,000 nairas and above. However, it does depend on what position you work in, the level of staff you are, and the hiring employer.

Microsoft Nigeria

Having mentioned Oracle Nigeria on this list, Microsoft Nigeria is literally one of the highest paying Tech companies in Nigeria.

Microsoft Nigeria seems to have a higher reputation before Oracle Nigeria comes up, although they are both on the highest part of the list.

Also, Microsoft Nigeria is the biggest IT Company in Nigeria and they have solid hardcore values that reach out to the trust of their customers.

While they have no physical or personal structure available in Nigeria, there are offices available for the staff for administrative functions.

The Microsoft Offices can hire new staffs that earn about 800,000 thousand nairas per month. Employees at this company earn even higher than that.

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