Best Schools To Study Animation In Nigeria

Best Schools To Study Animation In Nigeria – The niche and study of Animation have grown since the rush and thrill of its existence in the world of entertainment.

This field of study has increasingly become even more popular and one of the places that it has grown further is Nigeria. Moreover, this industry is continually growing and demanding more skilled animators to take the helm in creating more content.

 Best Schools To Study Animation In Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are several schools available for anyone interested in expanding this field far and wide. These schools are gaining the upper hand in teaching students who want to learn more about this.

10 Best Schools To Study Animation In Nigeria

Here are some of the best schools in Nigeria where you can learn the art of animation:

African University Of Science And Technology

The African University of Science and Technology, in Abuja, holds a reputable animation program that trains students who are interested in this field of study. This animation program highlights the study of computer animation and visual effects.

All students who enroll get the chance to receive hands-on training using software that is industry based. Moreover, they will build a good foundation in animation production, texturing, rigging, and many more.

Academy For Animation And Gaming

This institution is located in Ikeja and offers a wide range of programs in gaming and animation. The students in this school get the chance to learn skills like 2D and 3D animation, game design, and visual effects. They also collaborate with industrial professionals.

Animation Nigeria

The Animation Nigeria school is located right here in Lagos and they offer a wide range of animation programs. It validates its infrastructures with faculty members and facilities that are simply state-of-the-art.

All this allows the students to learn the arts of traditional and digital animation techniques. In addition to this, they also learn storyboarding, character design, animation production, 3D modeling, and many more.

University Of Lagos

The University of Lagos also known as ‘Unilag’ has a Bachelor of Arts degree program crafted for students who have an interest in this field of study.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Visual Arts allows students to easily explore the techniques and styles of animation. This also includes traditional and digital animation.

University Of Nigeria, Nsukka

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka also offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Fine and Applied Arts.

All interested students in the field of animation can learn all the required artistic and technical areas of animation. This will also include access to modern animation studios for practical training.

University Of Calabar

The University of Calabar is another one of the schools that offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Theatre and Media Studies. This is a great course that also specializes in Animation.

In addition, all the students learn the needed fundamentals like storytelling, animation, digital media production and so many more.

University Of Benin

The University of Benin also known as ‘Uniben’ offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Fine and Applied Arts to students. All students will learn the specialization of Animation as well in this course.

Moreover, they will learn skills like 2D and 3D animation, Character design, drawing, and many more.

Yaba College Of Technology

The Yaba College of Technology located in the well-known region of Yaba, is another school that offers training in animation. This college offers a Higher  National Diploma(HND) program in Fine Arts to students.

Students in this program can learn things like the art and craft of animation, digital animation techniques, and many more.

Creative Minds Animation Institute

The Creative Minds Animation Institute is located in Lagos and they offer a comprehensive animation program to all interested students.

This is an excellent program that will teach you all the required skills needs like modeling, rigging, character design, and animation.

Covenant University

The Covenant University’s Department of Architecture in Ota offers a specialized program in Animation and Computer-Generated Imagery.

All students who enroll will learn creative skills like visual effects, animation, and the integration of animation into architectural design.

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