How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS5

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS5 – Do you own a PS5 console but not its controller and do you want to play a game? If you have a PS4 controller, then you do not need to worry about anything. As you can connect your PS4 Controller to your PS5. Does this leave you with the question How? if yes, then I suggest you read through this article to find out.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS5

There are lots of reasons why you would be needing to use another controller for your PS5 game console. One of the reasons may be a damaged PS5 controller, or you are not ready for the expense of getting one. Whatever the reasons may be the good news is that your PS4 controller has got you covered. But you need to know that there are some limits.

However, if you have tried connecting your PS4 controller to your PS console to play PS5 games, you might have come across a message which clearly states that you can’t use the wireless PS4 controller to play PS5 games. But not to worry as there is a way you can fix that.

Although It is always best to make use of the PS5 controller but in a case when it is not available, this is the best thing for you to do. Want to know how? Find out by reading further.

Steps to Connect PS4 Controller to PS5

There are two basic steps you can follow to connect your PS4 controller to your PS5. The step you would follow depends on the kind of PS4 controller you own. So, if you own a wireless controller, the steps you would follow to connect to PS5 are quite different from that of the controller that requires you to use a cable.

But regardless of the type of controller you own, and the steps you would follow, you can easily and still achieve your aim which is connecting to your PS5 and using the PS4 controller to play games. Here are steps on how you can connect your PS4 controller to your PS5;

Step1: Connecting with a Cable.

If your controller has a cable that allows you to connect to the PS5, you need to follow up the below step to connect your controller to the PS5.

  • Plug in the cable of your controller to the PS5 console.
  • Select what profile you want the controller to be assigned to.
  • Unplug the cable to continue playing. You can also leave it plugged in and continue playing.

Step 2: Connecting Wirelessly.

If your PS4 controller does not come with a cable, you need to follow up the below steps to connect your controller to your PS5 wirelessly.

  • Visit the settings of your PS5 console.
  • Locate and click on the accessories.
  • Tap “x”.
  • On the next page, click on “Bluetooth Accessories”.
  • Tap “x” after,
  • Place your PS4 controller on pairing mode.
  • Select your PS4 controller afterward.
  • Once again, click on “x”.
  • In the displayed question, select “Yes”.
  • Pick the profile you wish your controller to be assigned to.

Now you can carry on playing your game on PS5 using the PS4 controller. However, ensure that you followed up on this process carefully to avoid difficulties.

Can I Connect the PS4 Controller to PS5?

Yes, you can connect your PS4 controller to your PS5. PS5 allows all Play Station VR systems and controllers to work with it. But you need to get a special adapter for the camera. Without this adapter, you cannot connect your Play Station 4 controller to 5.

Can I Play PS5 Games with PS4 Controller?

Unfortunately, you cannot play PS5 games using the PS4 controller. Each time you try to, a warning notification appears telling you that you can’t play PS5 games using DUALSHOCK 4. Instead, you can only play PS4 games using a PS4 controller. The only way you can play PS5 games using the PS4 controller is through the PS remote play app on your Smartphone, Mac/PC, or tablet. Aside from this, it is not possible to play PS5 games.

Why Can’t I Connect My PS4 Controller to My Ps5?

If you face difficulties while trying to connect your PS4 controller to PS5, your controller has an issue. You need to repair or reset your controller. Once this is done, you can now connect your PS4 controller to your PS5. To reset or re-pair your controller, you need to follow the below process.

  • Turn on your PS5.
  • Unplug your controller. If you make use of the wireless controller, disconnect it before turning off your PS5.
  • Search for the reset button on the controller’s back.
  • Press the button.
  • Locate the PS5 reset button beside the Sony logo.
  • Click on it.

Once this is done, connect the controller to the PS5 and turn it back on. After doing that, you can now play games anytime you want. If it still not connecting, you need to consult an expert to check out your controller and PS5.