How To Write An Application Letter For A Job

Are you looking to apply for a job? Are you looking to gain the attention of the hirer with your application letter? Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be telling you everything you need to know about an application letter for a job and how to write one so keep reading.

Firstly, an application letter is very paramount when you are submitting your CV for any job. Furthermore, it is a type of letter that enables you to give details on your qualifications and skills and also explain your reasons for applying for the job.

How To Write An Application Letter For A Job

So, by writing a good application letter, you can persuade the hiring managers to call you in for an interview. What’s more, if you are called in for an interview, this means you are one step closer to the application process.

This is why I would like to share with you readers, the steps you need to follow when writing an application letter for a job. So, you get to see what you need to add to your letter to make it attractive and appealing to the hirers.

What is An Application Letter?

An application letter is also known as a cover letter. What’s more, it is a very important document that goes with your resume when you want to apply for a job. Furthermore, an application letter increases and elaborates the information you have added to your resume.

What’s more, this letter also gives you a golden opportunity to give your qualifications and tell the hirers why you are the best person for the job.

Application Letter Template

Here is an application letter template that you can use:

(Your name)
(Your address)


(Recruitment manager’s name)
(Recruitment manager’s title)
(The Company name)
(The Company address)

Dear (Recruitment manager’s name),

I’m writing to convey my interest in the position of (job position) at (the company name). Also,(Describe how you found out about the job and state the name of your contact.

But this is if you were mentioned by someone within the organization.) I believe my (qualifications and skills) make me a perfect fit for this position.

(Make use of the second paragraph to give details on how you would assist the company. Mention certain projects when necessary.)

(Make use of the third paragraph to encapsulate or sum up your fundamental qualifications. Give details on your most dominant accomplishments. Do not forget to add information that you were not able to perform in a brief format of your CV.)

(Use the fourth paragraph to explain why you want to work for this company briefly. State the extra documents incorporated with your cover letter. In addition, convey your enthusiasm about proceeding to the hiring procedure.)

(Your name)

How To Write An Application Letter For A Job

Writing an application may seem like a hassle but it isn’t. Just as long as you follow the right format and templates, you will be able to create the perfect application letter.  So, use the steps in this section to be able to write a good application letter for a job:

  • Do some research about the company and the job vacancy.
  • Make use of a professional format.
  • Mention the position you want to apply for.
  • Describe why you are perfect for the job.
  • Outline your qualifications.
  • Add why you need or want the job.
  • Add a professional closing.

Do some research about the company and the job vacancy

Carrying out some research on the company and the position is an ideal process to perform before writing a job application. Therefore, if you know more about the job, you will be able to write a good application letter.

For instance, research; The company’s culture, The size of the company, The title and name of the hiring manager, the latest awards the company has received, and many more.

Make use of a Professional Format

A professional format should guide your application letter. This should also include your name, contact details, date, as well as the hiring company’s information.  You also need to start with a professional salutation as well.

State the Position you want to Apply for

When applying for a job, you need to start the position you are applying for in the application letter. What’s more, do not forget to mention the name of the company and where you saw the job vacancy posting. Nevertheless, if you were referred to by someone in the company, be sure to mention that as well.

Describe why you are perfect for the job

Another key activity to do when writing an application letter for a job is to tell the hiring manager why you are fit for the job. This is because if you do not do so, the hirer wouldn’t find a reason to employ you in the company. Moreover, give details on your skills, experience, education, or certification level.

Outline Your Qualifications

Talk about the main qualifications that make you the ideal person for the job. So, in your letter, write a brief summary of your history that shows the most paramount points from your CV.

Add why you Need or want the Job

When writing an application letter, one thing you need to do is to tell the hirer why you need the job. Failure to do so and your letter will probably be overlooked. So, state why you chose to apply for a job at the company and what makes you excited about the job position and opportunity.

Add a Professional Closing

Lastly, make use of a professional closing. In other words, express your gratitude to the reader for assessing your letter, resume, and other important documents attached. Do not forget to also say that you look forward to the next hiring process and end the application letter with “Sincerely”.


Following the above steps and guidelines carefully, you can successfully write your own application letter and also get your dream Job. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you can follow the steps in this article.

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