IRS – Internal Revenue Service

Each country in the world today has a revenue service it renders to its citizen. Well, the IRS which stands for Internal Revenue Services is a government agency that is operated in the United States Of America. It is directed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue who runs the office for a maximum of 5 years. This position is given by the President Of USA.

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

IRS is an agency which deals with the collection of taxes and Internal Revenue Code administration. It works effectively well when it comes to its responsibility and duties it renders to citizens of the United States. The agency founding date is on the 1st of July, 1862. And its name “IRS” came into awareness in 1918. Since then people around the world know and notice its services and duties it renders vividly well.

The IRS agency is headquartered in Washington, D.C., in the United States of America. The agency has a web platform which it uses to carry out its services. Citizens can also use this medium to make do with what they want. Or are required to do by the platform. So, if you want to access the platform, you can visit it at

What is IRS?

As earlier mentioned, IRS is an agency that deals with the collection of taxes and internal revenue code administration. In other words, it is a government agency that gives laws and recieves federal taxes. From individual and coporate tax payers residing in the United States. The internal revenue service is a division of the United States of America’s Treasury Department which ensures that the Treasury Secretary perform all reponsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code. Rountinely the agency conducts a scruntiny to ensure the tax laws are followed by the taxpayers.

What is On

IRS has many services it renders to its USA citizen users via its web platform. Users can access news and updates on latest trending events related to the agency on its web platform @ The website also allows users to change the language on the site from what it is to what they understand. Moreover, there are about 6 different languages on the site. And it includes: English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish. Therefore, users can select to use any of these language options on the web platform.

Furthermore, there’s a Help option to get aid through the telephone.  There, users can get to know how to use the site, know their rights, resolve issues and get to have more insights. About how IRS agency performs its duties & services. What’s more? Read on to discover. Web Platform Menu Sections

The web platform has a design that enables users to be able to locate what they want to do it easily. It has menu sections which provide means for easy navigation for users. The menu sections on web platform are.

  • File.
  • Pay.
  • Refunds.
  • Credits & Deductions.
  • Forms & Instructions.

These are the menu sections on the web platform’s homepage. Users make use of these menu sections to locate the platform services they want to make use of on the web platform. Information regarding filing services of the platform is in the File menu section on the homepage. Users can also use the Pay menu section to get information on how to carry out the platform payments and services that aid in paying taxes on the web platform.

Users can check their refund status on the Refund menu section. Services relating to refunds are also on this menu section. Tax credit and deduction information and services rendered to individuals are on the Credit and Deductions menu section. Forms along with their instructions on how to use them are on the Forms & Instructions menu section. The Form’s menu section also has a search option users can use to search for the form they want to use. They are many things readily available to use on the IRS web platform for its services. Users just have to visit the IRS web platform to benefit from its services.

How Does The IRS Work?

The IRS fully known as the internal revenue service dates far back to the year 1857 when president Abraham Lincoln generated the CIR (commissioner of internal revenue) to collect taxes for the purpose of funding the war. However, in the year 1961, the power to make income tax laws was given to congress, making way for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Its name was later changed to the IRS in 1950s and from then went through phases of changes and restructuring to what it is now.

However, the IRS mission is to create tax laws and ensure that federal taxes are collected from all payers in the U.S not exempting individuals and corporations. They collect and process yearly tax returns from the filers to carry out their duty. Their major aim is to help taxpayers know how the tax laws work, including those that involves, gifts, estates and also excuse taxes. As stated by the agency,

  • Taxpayers in the United States must obey the tax laws that are passed by the congress
  • They must also understand and meet their obligations as tax payers
  • The IRS was created to help acquiescent taxpayers and ensure that payers that are not compliant pay their share.

Furthermore, the main role of the IRS is to process federal tax returns. And collect revenue from individuals and also corporate tax payers. However, in situations where a taxpayer is owed, the IRS issues refunds. They operate in a budget set by the Congress. This is however divided into four accounts. They include; Taxpayer Services, Operations Support, Enforcement, and Business Systems Modernization. And whatever money is kept in each of these cannot be removed and placed in other sections.

How to Connect With the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

If you want to connect with the IRS, there are several ways you can do that. They includes; through mail, phone or online, or in person. And here’s how to go about each processes below:

By Mail

If you choose to file a tax return using the mail, your residence and whether you are or not expecting a refund would decide the email address you are to use. As there are different email addresses available for different purposes. To find these email addresses, you should visit the IRS website as there is a list available there.

Also, if you want to apply or pay, there is also a list of email addresses available on the official website for you to pick that which suits what you would like to do.

By Phone or Online

To contact IRS, you can also place a call or visit their website online. To contact IRS through a phone call, you can visit the website for their mobile number. Then you are likely to come across different toll-free numbers for different purposes.

In Person

To contact IRS in person, you can set up an appointment using your phone at the local IRS office. To easily find the nearest IRS office, there is a locator available on the site for you. And it only requires you to enter your ZIP code so as for you to get a location and a phone number.

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