MTN Balance check – New USSD Codes for Balance Check

If you are an old Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) user, then you may be wondering why the regular *556# does not work for you again while you try to check your MTN airtime balance. Or perhaps you have also tried to have your MTN sim recharged, but always get the error message each time you dial *555* voucher PIN#.

MTN Balance check – New USSD Codes for Balance Check

Well in all of these, you don’t have to panic at all. The reason why you keep getting those error messages is simply because there is now a change in the USSD codes. And for this same purpose, I have written this blog post to guide you on all the new codes you need to be aware of about MTN. We will also look t the very functions of each of these codes.

However, it is also important that you get to know that all the network providers now make use of universal codes for each request you want to make. Ranging from airtime balance checks, data balance checks, airtime, and data loan, all of these can now be done with the same codes.

New USSD Code for MTN Balance Check

If you keep trying the old MTN codes to carry out the request you want, you will likely keep getting error messages. The codes below are the new and old MTN codes and their functions.

  • Dial *310# instead of *556# to check your airtime balance on MTN.
  • Dial *311* voucher PIN# instead of *555* voucher PIN# to recharge your MTN sim.
  • If you want to borrow Airtime from MTN, don’t dial *606#, instead, you can dial *303#.
  • For data borrowing, dial *303# instead of dialing *606#.
  • To stop Value-added Service (VAS), dial *305# instead of dialing *447#.
  • If you want to share your MTN airtime with someone, initially you will have to dial *777* Receiver’s number * Amount * PIN#. However, now you will have to simply dial *321# and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To verify your MTN Sim status after registration, simply dial *996# instead of *785#.
  • For the data balance code, you have to dial *312*5# instead of the *131*4# old code.
  • If you think you have a data bonus and will like to check out the balance, don’t dial *559*63#. Instead, dial *312# ad follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To check MTN Awuf Balance, dial *312# on your MTN line.

How To Share Airtime from Your MTN Balance

You can share your airtime using your MTN network with loved ones in two basic ways. In this section, all you have to do is to follow the step-by-step process to share airtime with friends.

The two methods include:

  • By code dialing.
  • By SMS.

By Code Dialing

If you want to share MTN airtime using the code simply;

  • Dial *321# with your phone.
  • Select the first option.
  • Select the option again for airtime transfer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to share your Airtime.


To share Airtime from your MTN balance, simply dial *321* receiver’s number* Amount* 123#. You can also reset your transaction Pin by dialing *312#.

However, you must know that the highest transaction that you can make from your Airtime balance per transaction is NGN5,000, while the least you can transfer is NGN50. The total transaction in a day is NGN50,000. It is equally important that you cross-check the receiver’s number before you finally make your transaction.

How To Change MTN Share PIN

If you follow the above steps, the default Pin to make a transaction is 123, however, there is a way you can personalize the share Pin for your MTN Sim. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Dial *321# on your MTN sim.
  • Pick the first option that states “Share Airtime”.
  • Select 4 which carries the option for “Create PIN”.
  • Fill in your basic information which includes your address for email and also security questions.
  • Add the 4-digit PIN that you prefer. It is wise to add an easier-to-remember Pin. For security reasons, you shouldn’t add a PIN from your date of Birth.
  • Confirm your Pin and proceed to complete.

MTN New USSD Code for Night Pulse

No one has missed the all-night pulse more than I do and this is because each time I punch in the regular code we all know; I keep getting error messages. Anyways, if that has been you too, use this new code to access the Pulse night bundle for free.

  • Text NT1 to 312 from your MTN sim.
  • Select the package you want. You can choose either NGN25 for 250MB or NT2 to 312 for 500 MB at NGn50.
  • Confirm the package you and get credit. Ensure that you have enough airtime before making the request.

The night pulse runs from 11 pm all through to 6 am. Hence, the best way to subscribe is when you are ready to use the data. This offer does not exceed the next day. With these new codes, you can now enjoy all the full benefits of using an MTN Sim.

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