Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria – Are you looking for a place of interest that tourists visit naturally for its essential or exhibited natural or historical significance, offering leisure, cultural value, natural or built beauty, and amusement in Nigeria?

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

If so, then you are on the right page. Nigeria is among Africa’s most famous destinations, boasting many tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions have the capability to entice worldwide attention that extends beyond not only setting up a physical structure but also embodying structures or places of natural and physical value.

They show past meaning and unique beauty, capable of amazing and entertaining the public. The physical signs of genius architectural designs and brain work, joined with the secretive vitality of normal inventivity, make them the go-to place for an unforgettable tourism experience.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 12 tourist attractions we have in Nigeria. So, we implore you to read through to get to know them.

Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Different tourist attractions in Nigeria offer a charming blend of culture, nature, and history, making it a convincing destination for travelers looking for outstanding experiences. The lists below are some of the top tourist centers you can visit today. They are as follows:

Obudu Mountain Resort (Obudu Cattle Ranch)

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the top tourist attractions we have in Nigeria. It is located in Obudu, Cross River State. Balanced high above sea level on the Oshie Ridge in the famous Sankwala Mountains, the Obudu Mountain Resort provides a royal discharge.

Its pleasant weather, serene tranquility, awe-inspiring vistas, and spectacular landscapes have resolutely established this resort as one of Nigeria’s best tourist destinations.

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is another one of Nigeria’s top tourist attractions. This massive island is located in Madalla, Niger State, north of Abuja. Frequently pronounced as the protector of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Zuma Rock’s striking occurrence is a sight to behold, particularly during the rainy season when it sometimes fastens fire, generating a captivating spectacle.

Bar Beach

Bar Beach is located on Victoria Island, Lagos. The place is a well-known destination for those in search of a beach experience without dense vegetation. Its closeness to the city center makes it suitable for a seaside ocean view, a stroll, and occasional parties and events.

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is situated in Lagos State. It is a five-story architectural marvel decorated with artistic writings and drawings. It is a haven for art enthusiasts, showcasing an inclusive change of Nigerian artistry, from stone statuaries to tie-dye workshops.

Ogbunike Caves, Anambra State

The Ogbunike Caves are situated in Anambra State; they provide an outstanding tourist experience with their past and spiritual significance. Plunging the 317 steps to reach the caves is a trip to a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Olumo Rock

Your visit to Abeokuta would be incomplete if you did not visit the fortress of Abeokuta (Olumo Rock). It is not really a surprise that this rock is located in Abeokuta, as the name Abeokuta means “under the rock” and has been one of the best choices of tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Since the 19th century, the Olumo Rock has worked as the rock of offense and a fortress for Egba Land people and residents. At Olumo Rock, you would be treated to magnetism like unusual trees, natural tunnels, and broken pathways.

Also, you’ll find, natural cantilevers, gardens on the rock, monuments to the belief system of the rock, primeval settlers, and so on.

Aso Rock

Aso Rock is a 400-meter rock that stands out as the most obvious feature in the capital city of Nigeria, which is Abuja. It is also one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria, as it is located in the country’s seat of power.

Aso Rock houses the three major seats of power of the Nigerian Federal Government. They include; the Presidential Villa (Aso Rock Villa), the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court.

Juju Rock Formation In Kwara State

On the boundary of Kwara State and Niger State is the little town of Jebba. It served as the protectorate’s inaugural capital for a brief period.

In the River Niger, off Jebba, lies a huge granite island-hill formation known as Juju Rock. It is located on the island that is frequently called the Ancient Jebba. There is a similar rock structure nearby, however, it is not too close to the same river bank. Lots of locals call it the Juju Rock’s wife.

The Nigerian word for voodoo, “juju,” conjures up images of something frightful, yet it’s a warm sight. Although many explorers, including the renowned Scottish adventurer, have expressed terror of the rock 

Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort was previously known as Obudu Cattle Ranch. It is one of the most beautiful, pleasant, and top tourist center destinations in Nigeria.

It is located on the Obudu Plateau, near the Cameroon border, in the northeastern part of Cross Rivers State. Obudu Mountain Resort has a beautiful landscape and soothing ambiance, with clouds smiling down on its peaks and valleys.

It gives visitors a good mixture of warm and cold temperatures.

Eleko Beach

If you are in search of a quiet and thoughtful time at the beach, you should consider Eleko Beach on a weekday. It is likewise one of the top tourist attractions we have in Nigeria.

Even though more people gather at Eleko Beach on weekends, it generally doesn’t get as crowded as the other famous community beaches in Lagos, like Bar Beach, Elegushi Beach, and Alpha Beach.

Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach is also one of the best and most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is situated at the end of Ligali Ayorinde Street on Victoria Island.

This beach alternative features squad bikes, local drummers, beautiful scenery, amazing horseback rides, and African craft. The Oniru Beach Resort is one of the sites in Nigeria with support from locals and foreigners.

Azumini Blue River in Abia State

The Azumini River, also referred to as “The Blue River,” has the clearest blue water in all of Nigeria. It is surrounded by gorgeous scenery, calm water, and rich vegetation.

Additionally, the Blue River exhibits a more untamed and dangerous side, particularly where it approaches the magnificent rapids. Its main attraction, the rapids, is a breathtaking view that gives visitors the most wonderful chance to see Nigeria’s natural settings in a more urbanized style.

The Azumini Blue River is in Abia State, close to the state’s border with Akwa Ibom. The river has developed into a tourist destination as a result of its pleasantness. Its distinctive name, Azumini Blue River, comes from its attractive qualities, which include its brilliant blue color.

Lots of people have the narrative, and perhaps with good reason, that the Azumini River is the only river in all of Nigeria that is as blue and clear as it is. Given how clean the Azumini Blue River is, one could virtually count the number of fish and gravel from the river’s bridge.


With astonishing and interesting cities, Nigeria positions itself as one of the most visited and beautiful countries in West Africa. Offering visitors and people a time to look forward to as they travel.

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