WAEC Scratch Card – How to the WAEC Scratch Card

West African Examination Council (WAEC) Scratch Card is a card candidates use to gain access and register for the examination. There is a unique number or code that needs to be scratched to reveal a PIN at the back of the card.

WAEC Scratch Card - How to the WAEC Scratch Card

And then, the PIN is what is then entered on the website to complete the necessary registration so as to access the results. The scratch card can also be called the WAEC result checker and it is a card that can be used multiple times.

Candidates can use the scratch card to access their result through various channels. In this article we will be showing you steps and guidelines on how to use the scratch card.

What Are the Uses?

The WAEC scratch card has different uses but we will only discuss what it is importantly used for: The major importance of the WAEC card is;

  • Registration: candidates/students make use of the scratch card to registration for WAEC by providing accurate details and using the unique PIN to complete their registration.
  • Result checker: the card is used to check their WAEC result after candidates must have completed their examination.
  • Accessing services: candidates can make use of the scratch card to access other services provided by WAEC.

The scratch card is a means of identification to various services provided by WAEC

How to use the WAEC Scratch Card

This is a step to make candidates understand how to use the scratch card. The steps are listed below.

1 Scratch the card:

Firstly, Reveal the PIN by carefully scratching off the sliver panel.

2 Go to the Website:

Next, Search and click on the official website of WAEC in your country.

3 Choose the Relevant Service

Then, pick the particular service you need the scratch card for. E.g. registration or result checking.

4 Select Required Information:

Enter the important details needed which are, examination year, examination number and personal details.

5 Enter PIN:

The PIN should be entered into the required field.

6 Submit:

Confirm that all information provided are correct before submitting.

Complete the processing of either checking of result or registration on the website and keep your scratch card for future use.

Requirement Needed Before Using the WAEC Scratch Card

Certain requirements are to be considered before using a WAEC scratch card. Such requirements are;

  • Validity: to ensure the validity of the scratch card, check the expiry date printed on the card.
  • Stable internet connection: you need a stable connection to access the WAEC website.
  • Official website: use and verify the website address before using and make sure it is the official website.
  • Important information: use the required information which is examination number, examination year and other personal details.
  • Personal device: visit the WAEC website with a mobile phone, a computer or tablet, candidates can also visit a cafe.

Now, if all this requirements are met, using the WAEC scratch card will be easy.

Steps Needed to use the WAEC Scratch Card

In other to use the WAEC card, below are some steps to follow;

  • Firstly, visit the official website @ www.waecdirect.org.ng.
  • Enter your WAEC examination number is the field.
  • Then, choose the year of examination.
  • Select the examination type I.e. April/May or Sept/Oct.
  • Input the serial number on the card.
  • Submit.

The scratch card can be use 3 to 5 times per candidate, once you reach the usage limit the card will no longer be valid.

Problems Faced when using WAEC Scratch Card

Candidates tend to face some common problems while using the WAEC scratch card. The problems are:

1 Invalid Card:

If the scratch card is invalid it is useless and can’t be used, make sure the card is valid and not expired.

2 Incorrect PIN:

Entering the wrong PIN or mixing the numbers up can make it difficult for candidates to gain access to the result.

3 Stable Internet Connection:

If the internet connection is not stable the scratch card will not be processed. A strong internet connection is needed.

4 Technical Problems:

this is a common problem and once this happens candidates will not be able to use the scratch card.

5 Lost PIN:

if the scratch card PIN misplaced, it will be a big challenge trying to access the service.

6 Scams:

Be careful because some fraudulent people will claim to provide WAEC services. Note: If you continue to experience problem whiles trying to use the WAEC Card, kindly visit the official WAEC support channel.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, an easy way to access all WAEC services is by buying and using the card. It is easy to buy the scratch card and it can be used to access results fast. Therefore, WAEC scratch card is a secure way for candidates to access their results. Best of luck.

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