What Are the 15 Best Animation Schools In Japan

15 Best Animation Schools in Japan- Living in Japan should have you standing and experiencing the world of animations. Anime is one of the greatest genres in the country of Japan and it has its high ranks for a reason. From the dialogue to the details in every animated character, Japan is home to the best creativity for animation. And for that reason, people are always eager to want to have a role in animation creation. Hence, the reason why there are various good animation schools in Japan.

What Are the 15 Best Animation Schools In Japan

Furthermore, if you are interested even further in learning and creating animation, there are good animation schools in Japan you can attend. You can get the answers in this article.

What are 15 Best Animation Schools In Japan?

If you want to have a career creating animation, that is a big dream that is easily accomplishable. Furthermore, it is one of the most well-paying careers you will find in the world. You can turn something you love into a profession and make an earning out of it.

There are good animation schools where you can offer students the chance to turn their dreams into reality. Here are the 15 best animation schools in Japan:

Yoyogi Animation School

This is an animation school in Japan that is recognized as one of Japan’s largest animation and art institutes. Also, considered one of the best in the world, it offers courses like Animation AV Operator 2, Junior Novels, Illustration 2, Animation 2, etc. Furthermore, they admit all qualified students without regarding race, sex, national origin, etc. However, the students who wish to be enrolled must fully understand the Japanese language.

College Of International Design

This is one of the best animation schools you can find in Japan. It is well known for its standardized courses on animation and its improv quality. However, this animation school only provides 2 years program and 3 years of distance learning programs. Still, it is one of the best animation schools. They have some of their courses offered as Graphic Design 2, Architecture, Manga/Comics 1, and Interior Design 2.

Tokyo Designer School

One great animation school in the world is the Tokyo Designer School and they offer great programs on animation. Also, they cover all the genres of design and this meets the resource needs of each industry. Their highly specialized courses include Game Creator 2, Illustration 2, Computer Graphics 1, Animation 2, and so on. Also, this school is also involved in collaborative activities that stay active beyond the classroom.

Amusement Media School

This is a multimedia school that offers its course systems in various entertainment fields. They all include computer and graphic designers, game creators, mangaka, writers and essayists, animators, and voice actors. Their courses include Game Creator 2, Novels 2, Comics 2, CG Animation Creator 1, Multimedia Creator, Manga/Comics 1, and voice acting.

Kyoto Seika University

The Kyoto Seika University is a private university in Japan add it has faculties of manga and anime. They are also greatly recognized as a training ground for future manga artists. Also, they have a tuition fee for undergraduate students of 1.75 million JPY and they have an enrolled number of over 3 000 students each year. The courses offered are Comics 2, Animator 2, Multimedia Creator, CG Animation Creator 1, Novels 2, Manga /Comics 1, and so on.

Kondansha Culture Center

This animation institution is quite similar to that of the Amusement Media School. The multimedia school has course systems in fields like animators, writers, essayists, mangaka, game creators, voice actors, etc. The courses being offered at their school includes Manga / Comics 1, Comics Illustration, and Illustration 24.

Sapporo College of Anime

If you want to apply for this animation school in Japan, you need to have a high school degree. The school has three departments including the Creative Design Course, the Department of Digital Technology, and the Department of Entertainment General. Furthermore, the courses they offer include Manga Major, Anime Song, Animator, Comic Illustrator, and Major voice actor.

Japan Manga Institution

This is another one of the best animation schools in Japan and they have 7 faculties with 35 departments of studies in all. Furthermore, the school strikes a perfect balance between what they major in and their free time.  This animation school cost ranges from ¥ 450,000 to ¥1,500,00. Moreover, their courses include Manga/Comics 1 and Animation.

Aoba-Japan International School

This animation college in Japan prides itself on developing capable leaders globally. Also, they have two campuses in Tokyo. One is located in Meguro and another one is located in Hikarigaoka.  Furthermore, this school welcomes international students and builds them with social responsibility, Innovation, and so on. The courses they offer include Game Creator 2, CG Animation Creator 1, and Voice Acting 2.

Tokyo Media Academy

The Tokyo Media Animation school offers a 2-year program and also enrolls about 155 students a year. Moreover, their tuition fee ranges from ¥50,000 to ¥ 300,000. It can be remitted from the tuition during the enrollment of students. Their offered courses include Novels 2, Comics 2, Multimedia Creator, Animator 2, Manga / Comics 1, and so on.

Tokyo Animation School

This is one of the best animation schools in Japan so far for students willing to become voiceovers, Cartoonists, animators, etc.  Also, it has over 850 hours/ year of course hours and the education requirement is a High School graduation. Furthermore, the institution runs a 2-3 years course program and it’s affordable. Their courses include Writer, Airbrush Illustration, Junior Novels, Novels 2, and Game creator 2. Illustration, Animation Character Designer, etc.

Toei Animation Institute

This animation school has a world-class ability to produce development power and incomparable sales. It is also one of the best schools in Japan. Some of the top animation this school has produced includes Sally the Witch, One piece and the Precure series, Sailor moon, Slam dunk, and so on. Furthermore, the courses offered include Producer, Writer, Background artist, director, Planning, Animation 2, and so on.

Osaka Animation School

The Osaka animation school offers tons of courses that work conveniently in the front line of the Animation industry. However, the school’s tuition fee is high and the school runs more than 850 hours/per year. The course offered includes Comics 2, Animator, Multimedia Creator, Voice acting 2, and so on.

Fukuoka Design College

This is one of Japan’s most prestigious colleges and they offer Visual Communication Design, Art and Information Design, Industrial Design, Acoustic Design, and so on. Their courses include Shop Design, CG Animation, Graphic Design, Editing Design, Furniture Design, and so on.

Tokyo University of Art

This animation college ranks among the best animation schools in Japan. They have ten departments in two faculties and are known for building leadership qualities in students. Also, it has a tuition fee of ¥642,960 to be paid annually. You can learn more about them through their websites.

These are the 15 best animation schools in Japan and you can surely select the best institution of your choice.  

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