Best Universities in Australia – Top-Ranked Universities for Students in Australia

What are the best universities in Australia? Australia is one of the continents with several good programs and great cities to study in. And also, many top-ranked and universally recognized schools and colleges are based in Australia. Making this continent home to several prestigious universities, that are not just known within the continent alone but also all around the world.

However, in these universities, you would be privileged to meet some of the best lecturers, professors, and teachers. Regardless of what you want to study, there’s always that good school in Australia that you can enroll in. So, if you want to study law, medicine, or engineering going to Australia is a very good idea. As you would get the chance to study in one of the best and most recognized schools globally.

We already know that there are countless good universities in Australia. But knowing the best enables us to make very good choices. Moreover, the best universities in Australia have been ranked numerically according to their positions in the overall Best Universities in the World ranking. And each of these institutions was judged based on its research performance and ratings by the academic community members from around the world and in the region.

Top Best Universities in Australia 2022

If you seek to further your education in Australia. University rankings help you know the right institution for you. That is why I’m here to help you by showing you the best universities in Australia that are not only recognized within Australia alone. But also all over the world. Here are some of the best Universities in Australia below;

The Australian National University

Popularly known as ANU is a public research university which is located in Canberra. ANU is ranked as the number one university in Australia and Southern Hemisphere by QS World University Rankings. And according to Times Higher Education rankings, it is ranked second best.

The Australian National University was established in the year 1946. And according to research, it is said to be the only university created by the Parliament of Australia. And its origin can be traced to the Canberra University of College which was established in the year 1929. Nonetheless, it was later integrated into the Australian National University ANU in the year 1960.

Nevertheless, ANU according to Wikipedia has about 6 (six) Noble Laureates and forty-nine Rhodes scholars among its faculty and alumni. ANU was also said to have taught and educated ministers and even more than a dozen heads of government departments of Australia that we have today. Meanwhile, ANU is one of the best universities you can go to, to school and do your Master’s, and get your Ph.D. certificate.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is also one of the best universities in Australia. It is a public research university located in Melbourne in Australia. The University of Melbourne is one of the six Sandstone universities of Australia. And is also a member of the Universitas 21, Group of Eight, Washington University’s McDonnell International Academy, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. After ANU this university is said to be the second-best in the year 2022.

The University of Melbourn is one of the best universities. And even the world leader when it comes to education, teaching, and excellent research. The institution’s acceptance rate is about 70% to 80%. And this gives the institution a distinctive space in the educational landscape of Australia, Making the school a selective one. However, the school is very famous for research and teaching.

The University of Sydney

One of the best universities in Australia. And is consistently ranked among the Top 50 universities in the world. The University of Sydney which is also known as USYD or Sydney Uni is a public research university which is located in Sydney in Australia. The institution is ranked as one of the world’s top 25 universities. And is also ranked as the top 4 universities in the world. And the first for employability graduates in Australia.

What makes The University of Sydney so unique is that it is one of the first universities in the world to admit students based on their academic merit. And also the best to open doors to women on the same basis as men. Gaining admission into the University of Sydney is quite competitive. As its acceptance rate at the university is presently 30%. The Institution is ranked as one of the best in the world with excellence in research and teaching. Going to Sydney to study is a very good choice. If it’s your dream university in Australia.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales is no doubt also one of the best Universities in Australia that also have global recognition. UNSW is said to be ranked 2nd position in the whole of Australia and 27th position in the world for Graduate Employability. Aside from that, The University of New South Wales is ranked 44th in the world by Qs world university rankings and 67th in the world by Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

However, according to QS World Rankings by subject, this institution is ranked top 20 in the world to study law, accounting, and finance. And the first and bests to study maths engineering and Technology. Also, if you are looking for the best to study Medicine, UNSW is one of the leading universities in Australia for that. And here the media ATAR of its medical school students is very high compared to other undergraduate medical schools in Australia.

UNSW is famous in the world for the good programs it offers which include engineering, business, law, architecture, art and design, medicine, and science. Moreover, the institution is safe and in a student-friendly city. It is even said to be considered home to over 52,000 students from about 130 different countries.

Best Universities in AustraliaThe University of Queensland

One of the best universities in Australia and one of the most recognized in the world is the University of Queensland. It is also known as a research-intensive university that is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world. One of the best that offers choice and opportunity in undergraduate and postgraduate learning. According to research, UQ ranks among the top universities in the world. And its acceptance rate is about 40%. Though it accepts students from all diverse backgrounds and geographies.

In UQ, you can get a bachelor’s, master’s-doctoral al. Not only that but also other higher doctorate degrees through a college, graduate school, and also six faculties. Furthermore, the institution incorporates about a hundred research institutes and centers that offer research programs. If UQ is your choice, you should go for it as it is also one of the prestigious universities to get enrolled in not only in Australia but also all over the world.

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